Scully Vehicle-Mounted Static Grounding Ball

Ground Ball, truck-mounted electronic ground proving ball for Independent Grounding System.


Weight: 2 kg


  • Part of the original patented Scully Groundhog static ground verification system.
  • “Smart” circuitry verifies proper connection is made before loading can begin; if the ground connection is broken during loading operation, the operation ceases.
  • With the Scully Ground Bolt, only one connection is needed for overfill prevention and ground verification when using ST-47 Groundhog and Scully Overfill Prevention Control System.
  • Special “smart” Ground Ball is used for independent ground verification where Scully overfill prevention system is not in use.
Material: stainless steel; stainless steel nut and lockwasher
Thread Size: 1⁄2–13 UNC
Ring Lug: 1⁄4″ through hole
Pigtail Length: 12″ long