Scully Two-Wire Optic Sensor (no NPT holder): 7″ Shaft

Requires no warm-up time, so no waiting for permit light.

Overfill prevention applications include road tankers, rail cars, and storage tanks.

Eliminates operator involvement to end the loading operation—controlling pumps and valves are shutdown if rising fuel contacts the sensor.

Weight: 3 kg


Liquid Level Sensor for Tank Trailer Overfill Prevention:

  • System-wide “closed loop” Dynacheck® pulsing signal ensures safe and reliable loading operation
  • Purpose-built for liquid petroleum product overfill prevention and point level detection
  • Designed to be used with the Scully Intellitrol® and ST-15 series loading rack control monitors
  • Can also be used with the Scully IntelliCheck®3 and IntelliCheck2® Control Unit.
Operating Temp. Range: -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C)
Petroleum Product Range: Gasoline blends and light fuel oils
Exposed Materials: Aluminum, zinc, borosilicate (Pyrex®) glass, epoxy, conductive nylon, and Viton® seals
Level Repeatability: ±1⁄16″ (±1 mm)
Electrical Leads: 18” (45cm) long, 22 AWG (0.33 mm²)
Cable Entry: Two holes, 1⁄2″ NPT threads
Detection Level and Size: The detection level is adjustable; refer to sensor outline drawing above, shown for 7″ shaft length
Approvals: The sensor is intrinsically safe for mounting in Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D Hazardous location in accordance with Scully Control Unit approval ratings