Civacon Dual Product 4″ Air Manifold – 5 Compartment With Botom Load & API’s

Includes flushing adapters & bottom loading.

Openable API’s retain and top-sensors included.


Weight: 175 kg


Replaces manual hand valve “box” manifolds or jumper hoses & dry breaks with air operated convenience:

  • Improves driver productivity.
  • Improves driver safety.
  • Eliminates mess and mistakes.
  • Reduces environmental hazards and clean-up costs.

Air-operated, completely sealed “compartment-to-pump” selection ensures right fuel choice before unloading:

  • Open selected compartment with simple air controls located near the hose reel(s).
  • Air operated double-acting cylinders guarantees positive opening & closing every time.
  • Each valve’s open/close status is clearly indicated by a red pop-up indicator visible through a protective clear lens.
  • Ensures quality control on all deliveries.
  • Reduces potential product cross-contamination.

Manifold Valve:

The air activated manifold chamber is a double-acting cylinder assembly that guarantees valve opening/closing every time. Its closed loop pneumatic system keeps debris from entering the valve.

The manifold chamber open/close status is clearly indicated by a “red” indicator visible through the transparent lens located on the top of each manifold valve.

Interlocked/Independent Manifold Galleries:

Two different fuel types can be dispensed from the same vehicle by simply selecting between the two independent manifold galleries. The air activation system only allows one manifold to be opened at any time. The manifold galleries are specific to either the gasoline or the diesel PTO and pump, this means that the manifold chambers are discriminate depending on the fuel selected to ensure that cross contamination is never a problem.

Pump Unloading – Manifold and Valve Operation:

During pump unloading, the appropriate manifold and valve is selected to allow the flow of fuel into the collection tubes, through the pump and then dispensed through the meter and hose.