2″ TCS Rotary Flow Meter

The 700-20 model 2″ rotary flow meter is engineered to meter liquid at up to 100 GPM (380 LPM).

The TCS 700 series rotary flow meter has a simple and efficient meter design consisting of a housing and three rotors that rotate in unison within the measuring chamber. The absence of wear, from no metal-to-metal contact within the chamber, eliminates any deterioration in accuracy and provides a long service life.

The rotors are supported by bearings inserted into two bearing plates, where at the end of each rotor shaft is a timing gear. The timed rotation between each rotor is then transferred through the calibration adjuster to the register, giving a consistent and superior measurement of accuracy.

Weight: 35 kg


Flow: Capable of up to 100 GPM (380 LPM);  Bi-directional Flow

Flange Connections: 2” NPT Flange; 1 1/2” Option

Linear Accuracy: Capable of ± 0.15% of over the full flow range

Repeatability: Capable of 0.02% (constant operation conditions with 700SP meters & mechanical registration, using 1 CPS test fluid)

Viscosity: Will accurately measure liquids up to 1,500,000 SSU (325,000 CPS)

Working Pressure: 150 PSI (10.5 BAR)

Working Temperature: – 40 to 160°F (- 40 to 71°C)