Petroleum (Oil) Trucks


Our Value Proposition:  customized design to suit all your needs

  • Expertise in a wide range of requirements and equipment.
  • Single or double pumping systems.
  • Shaft or hydraulic drive pumps.
  • Bottom or top-loading.
  • Air or mechanical manifolds.


The company’s trucks are engineered for extreme environments

Eastway’s trucks are in service:

  • Above the Arctic Circle
  • In the Sahara Desert
  • In large Urban Centers
  • In military use in Kosovo, Haiti, Afghanistan & Canada


Innovative design and use of better components are our “standard”
  • Tanks: we offer a unique heavy duty “super bush” spec.
  • Stainless piping available.
  • Stainless fasteners on all
  • Minimal use of butt welds.
  • Clamps and other fittings are duralac coated.
  • Heavy duty electrical harnesses and well labelled controls.
  • Eastway’s unique overflow protection system on burp tanks.
  • Use of HD interlock valves integrated with meter and computer.
  • Reinforced side boxes: “2/3-1/3” doors for easy access with powder coated hinges.
  • Standard use of HD PTO shafts and guards.
  • Drip trays in manifold and meter boxes (with piping and valve to empty safely in a waste pail).

You have some innovative options when it comes to Eastway’s electrical systems:
  • Sealed vapour proof wiring harnesses, heavy gauge wire, use of diodes, soldered and sealed connections, junction boxes mid tank and in rear canopy.
  • DIN rails and PLC’s available.
  • Multiplex switch connections available (or use of the truck manufacturer’s multiplex system).


The Customer Experience Is Key
  • Extensive consultation with you during the design phase – so that the final specifications reflect what you need in your next truck. We will recommend new ideas along the way.
  • You will receive email weekly updates during the build period. It contains pictures and other pertinent info.
  • “On time, on budget” is critical to both of us. Our system tracks every part and labour hour.
  • The management team monitors your new truck’s build progress every week.


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