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Our Products - Military Refuelers

Eastway Tank produces several different types of military refuelers for a variety of applications including;

Aircraft refueling
Front line refueling
Airport ground vehicle refueling
Support vehicle (second line) refueling

Tank capacities available range from 2,200 litres to over 52,000 litres (600 to over 14,000 USGAL). Several pumping configurations are available.

Click on any of the images below to view a larger version

picture 7000 litre (1900USGAL) aluminum tank, hydraulically driven rear mounted pumping station c/w filtration to one micron, fuel additive injection system, bottom loading and vapor recovery. Quick disconnect mounting system.
picture 7000 litre 2 compartment aluminum tank, dual pumping systems
picture 2,200 litre (600 USGAL) aluminum tank c/w bottom loading, vapor recovery, stand alone diesel driven pumping station




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