2011 International Water Truck

NEW 2020 International Water Truck.

Great For Water Supply, Street Cleaning or Dust Suppression. New 4,000 Gallon Tank & Pumping Equipment.




  • Cummins engine with automatic transmission. 
  • Air ride suspension, GVWR: 56,000  (16,000 front, 40,000 rear)

The tanker is designed to maximize efficiency, while minimizing maintenance cost.  The fully hydraulic system is designed to maximize the chassis life by operating the engine at a low RPM, while operating water pump at the required RPM.  All air operated spray heads are independently operated, allowing the operator the ability to optimize flow direction and water usage.  The full 3” plumbing allows for a maximum water volume and performance.  All systems are designed to self- fill as well as be filled from a fire hydrant or secondary pumping system.

Well equipped with:


  • Heavy-duty 4,000 gallon (15,100 L) water tank. Rear mounted ladder.
  • Size: 14’ long x 5‘ tall x 8’ wide. ¼” carbon steel bottom & end plates.
  • Two baffles. 20” man way with surge baffle / 3” fire hydrant fill w/ 2 ½” fire hose adaptor.

Pump & Spray System:

  • Air shift PTO. Hydraulic system designed to operate chassis at low RPM, but maximum pump speed.
  • Berkeley 4” X 3” straight centrifugal pump hydraulically driven /rated @850 GPM. Unit can be filled from any water source.
  • Two rear mounted air operated spray heads.
  • Front mounted spray bar with two street washer heads ( 3/32” nozzle for max PSI). Street washer heads are air operated, adjustable 6 ways.
  • Low point drain valves located on the front, spray bar, and at the pump.
  • Spray heads are adjustable for both direction, and volume.
  • In-cab controls for all functions / separate air switch for each spray head.
  • Hannay spring rewind hose reel w/ 50ft. of 1” hose & adj. nozzle.

Remote control water cannon also available as option.

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